Part 4: Pay Per Click and Email Marketing

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Welcome to Part 4: Pay Per Click & Social Media

In Part 4, we will be discussing PPC, short for Pay Per Click (actually, we will cover all Pay Per…. Options.) & Email Marketing .


Pay Per Click

As discussed in Part 2: Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click is a type of Affiliate Marketing. 

Pay Per Click is where an advertiser has an ad on your website and pays the webmaster (YOU) a sum of money when a visitor clicks on the ad. The main difference with Affiliate Marketing is that a confirmed sale is not a pre-requisite to making money, hence the name Pay Per Click.

Basically, visits to the website are ‘bought’ and not done naturally like someone just visiting the website.

One of the most popular Pay Per Click program is search engine advertising where placement is key, for example,

I just googled ‘Pay Per Click’ and this is the results:

Pay per click example

Notice how there is a green ad to the left of the URL?

This placement was ‘bought’ and is a type of PPC.

example of pay per click

Google adwords is the most popular Pay Per Click and the traffic volume is immense. Google Adwords has more than 60% of the market share.



While Pay Per Click is a great way to get traffic, it is not necessarily the most lucrative, you will sometimes read about Pay Per Mille, Mille is Latin for one thousand so most of the time you will be paid for every 1000 clicks, it could take a while to make money.

Pay Per Sale is another type, this is where a commission is paid when a lead (click) from your website results in a sale.

This is a very popular amongst advertisers since nothing is paid unless there was a sale, it allows advertisers to pay a higher commission rate.

The beauty of Pay Per Sale is that advertisers get free advertising of their products on many websites and the lead that led to a sale had no cost up-front.

You can see why this option is popular.

Pay Per Action (also known as Cost Per Action) is also an option, in this scenario, a visitor clicks your ad and opts in the mailing list or signs up, registers etc. While it is not a sale, it is an action that warrants compensation, unlike Pay Per Sale, the commission rate is usually low and therefore not as attractive to everyone.


Email Marketing

email marketingemail-mail-communication

In simple terms, email marketing is just that, sending emails that contain marketing material. The important part is HOW you go about marketing via emails.

Collecting emails from your site visitors is one of the most important aspects of internet/online marketing.

It is important to understand a few things about email marketing, none more important than this.

  • Get permission, this is a MUST, most countries now have an Anti-Spam law of some sort, respect that law. You must also honor all requests to be removed from your list.

Generally, people will be hesitant about giving you their email address, I know I am. They must see value. It is important that you understand the goal of your mail list, know how you will send emails, manual or automated? 

Equally important is making sure that your potential customers know what they can expect, They do not want junk, spam or non-stop emails.

They do want relevant, up to date and valuable information, If applicable, they want discounts or a free gift. 

Make sure that your invitation or sign up forms are interesting and will attract new customers, to just say, sign here won’t cut it.

But the challenge we all face is how to we create our mailing list?

  • Identify the need for an email campaign, make sure you create your campaign. Setting up your campaign when your site has little to no content would be wrong. Do it once, do it right.
  • What requirements are needed? Preparing is key.
  • Start with a draft copy. You will likely change your email campaign a few times. As they say, practice makes perfect. You want to make sure of the following:

–  Keep it relevant, don’t over fluff it.

Give value, without it, it is nothing.

Personalize it, remember you are selling yourself, not just your product.

Revise, revise, revise.

  • Make it appealing, use art or not but make it look good.
  • Track it, you want to know how engaged your users are.
  • Find the right program for you. Examples are Mail Munch, Mail Chimp or AWeber
  • Test it to ensure that it works and works all the time.

Like anything else,  it gets easier and easier to go from just an idea to a campaign. You will eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

Feel free to drop me a comment below if you are unsure of anything or you have a question 

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