Enough Scamming Already, Don’t Fall for These Traps


As we all know, internet scams have been problematic for a long time but it does not need to be that way. If we take a few moments to find the ‘sure signs’ that a site is potentially a scam, then we will all be better off.

Keep an eye out for the following.

  • A legit online business will not need a “must buy now or else”. A call for urgency such as, “You must act now” is a sign to avoid it. We all despise pressure sales. While it is ok for someone to ask for a sale after developing a rapport. Using pressure tactics is a huge turn-off and something to avoid.
  • If there is no useful info unless you sign up. If you get nothing unless you buy, don’t buy. Simple. 
  • No Privacy Policy or Disclaimer/Disclosure, this is a must for every online company. Once a Privacy Policy is on the website, the owners are legally responsible for it. It also shows a lack of thoroughness and that is a sign as well. 
  • No Contact Information. HUGE sign of a scam, if no phone number or email address present, avoid. Even if there is one, google it and see if anything ‘bad’ come of it. If it is a scam, chances are someone got burned by it and wrote a comment on it. 
  • No area to leave comments, a legit business would welcome that. While not every legit does have a comment area. I personally enjoy a site that does. It shows transparency and builds confidence. You will notice that my website has comments enabled on every page. 
  • A promise of huge profits in a short timeframe, hard work, and dedication is the way to go. There is no legit get rich scheme.
  • Ask for information or clarification. As a consumer, you are allowed to ask away, if the site owner avoids answering or is dismissive in answering. Stay away. 
  • Overuse of buzzwords and jargon, just be aware of that.
  • Claims of insider information or confidential data (yeah right).
  • If they show an intro video and the video goes on and on and on and never gets to the point, beware.
  • Pictures that show a couch and dollar signs everywhere implying you do nothing and make money. Avoid.



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