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Becoming an Amazon Associate is a good way to get started and Amazon is one the most trusted brand on the web, the process is fairly simple and all the tools are there. However one cannot expect to just become an Associate and things will start selling, you will need to do your homework, find your niche and build your site accordingly. So here is an overview.

Program: Amazon Associates
Price: FREE (to join as an affiliate)
Rank: 91/100 – Overall it is a good affiliate program, It is free to join  but remember, you need training, tools and support to succeed!

Amazon Associates Overview

As the world biggest online store, Amazon Associates offers an incredible opportunity. by inserting links or using banners, visitors to your website that click on those links and end up buying an item then you will earn a commission, it is known as Affiliate Marketing.

A full Affiliate Marketing overview can be found HERE.

The signing up process is fairly simple (although non-USA sign ups have a ‘tax declaration’ to complete), the approval process is also straight forward and chances are you will be approved fairly quickly. if promoting adult content or questionable products, then it might be a problem.

You get all the links and tools to build your site using Amazon, here is an example: Click HERE.

As you can see, the store looks very professional and the items available are plentiful.

The  Amazon Associates Program also has a fee schedule ( How much can you earn) known as Advertising Fee Schedule.

Here is what the schedule looks as of September 2016.



The key to your success always be getting traffic to your site, with traffic, all you have is a great store. 

Here is my number 1 recommended educational and training platform on the web, and it’s FREE.

Click HERE.

Once your site is created and all the links are in place, getting visitors will be key. Getting Google, Bing and Yahoo to ‘find you’ will be key. Using the training platform above will guide you through the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Pros and Cons of Amazon Associate.


  • Widely recognized brand
  • Literally millions of products available
  • Easy to use tools and links
  • FREE
  • Easy sign-up process
  • HELP section available


  • Low commission on some products.
  • Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and Rhode Island are not allowed to participate
  • Cookies assigned to your links are short term (ie: Some are 24 hours, meaning that if a previous visitor to your site visits Amazon next week directly and not via your site, then you do not get commissions.



100% Legit & Recommended.

With hard work and dedication, Amazon Associate is a great program.

Thank You,